1. Release Tension:

Lomi Lomi massage is performed with the aim that tension will be released when the client is on the massage table. When tension is released, there is a very high possibility of renewing your entire being after the massage session. Everyday, you face a myriad of trials that affect you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Most people may think that releasing tension in not of great importance but it really is. Doing so contributes to the betterment of your health and well-being.

2. Improved Physical State:

The good circulation provided by Lomi Lomi massage results in glowing skin, better posture, good flexibility, and quick healing after an injury or surgical procedure. This results in a much better body mechanics and overall health.

3. Improve Nerve Function:

Contracted muscles can press on or pinch your nerves causing tingling, numbness, or pain. Massage therapy relaxes these contracted muscles to relieve the compression on your nerves. Sensory receptors in the skin and muscles wake up bringing new awareness to the areas that have felt cut off by chronic tension patterns.

4. Better Immunity:

The condition of one’s immune system can greatly improve drastically when they undergo Lomi Lomi massage. The body’s fighting mechanisms are boosted and the ability to combat disease is enhanced. Foreign entities that could potentially be harmful may be avoided.

5. Releasing Old Stress:

Science has proven that our muscles do have the ability to harbor old stresses. These can accumulate in your tissues and give your body a very heavy and dreary feeling. If not dealt with and removed, stress points and old tensions have the ability to manifest into diseases and ailments that can be detrimental to your health. Lomi Lomi massage is capable of removing these old tension points. As a result, you will allow your body the chance to facilitate healing and may enjoy great rejuvenation and relaxation during the process.

6. Decreases chronic pain:

Far too many of us face our daily lives with chronic pain due to injuries or illness. Not only does massage therapy help to correct the conditions that cause chronic pain, but it also acts in two ways to decrease the actual pain itself. The first is by the trained touch of a massage therapist activating the nerve receptor signals along myelinated nerve fibers to temporarily block chronic pain signals from reaching the brain.

7. Help in Healing:

Lomi Lomi combines the use of prayer (pule), breath (ha), and energy (mana) with a variety of massage strokes to release “blocked” areas of tension in the body. Hawaiian music in background will set the mood and aid in healing.

8. Improved State of Mind:

The high temperatures in a steam room will increase the body’s metabolic rate, making it easier to lose weight.

9. Better Circulation:

Circulation can greatly benefit from Lomi Lomi massage. There are a variety of strokes made by the therapist which can drastically improve efficient blood flow and help the release of toxins from your body. The improved oxygenation levels benefit all of the tissues and allow for better functioning.

10. Improved Nutrition:

There are many nutritional benefits due to Lomi Lomi massage such as improved digestion, better appetite and waste removal. Once a person sees improvement with their self-image, it is common for their appetite for good food to also improve. When digestion is healthy, there is a smooth flow reflected in the digestive tract and an easy elimination process of waste material leaving your body.

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