“If you don’t get massage, your breasts can get stagnant, since they’re made up primarily of fatty tissue.” Manipulating the area adds movement, and can help clear the channels where fat builds up, she explains. Stagnation in your fat tissue can contribute to benign lumps or bumps forming, and bringing heat and additional circulation to the area may help break that up”, according to Berman.

Breast massage is meant to be a practice of self-love, first of all, and if done correctly and with consent from the client, it can help with stress relief, improving circulation, and releasing pain and breast tenderness.

It might not be on the menu at your local spa or part of your typical full-body massage.

Breast massages, on the other hand, are meant for self-nurturing. They’re done within the context of an Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage, or a full-body massage with oil.


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